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By aleksandrz, May 3 2016 06:00AM

Francis Williams, born around 1702, was apparently the youngest of the three sons of John and Dorothy Williams, Free Blacks, who, in 1708, with their sons, were granted by the House of Assembly the privilege of not being subject to slave evidence in court, a status usually reserved for Whites.

About 1716, the Governor, the Duke of Montague, proposed an experiment to find out whether a Black man could equal a White man if he was given the same education and opportunities. He chose Francis Williams, and sent him to England, first to a grammar school, and then to the University of Cambridge, where he made considerable progress in mathematics and other branches of science, and also in the classics, an essential part of the education of an 18th century gentleman. He wrote a considerable quantity of Latin poetry in the style of the day, often addressed to Governors of Jamaica. After several years Williams returned to Jamaica, where he opened a school in Spanish Town, the capital of Jamaica, under the Governor's patronage. He taught reading, writing, Latin, and the elements of mathematics. He trained one of his Black pupils to take over the school. Possibly Coloured and poorer White citizens of the capital may have disregarded Williams' colour and sent their boys to be taught by a Cambridge educated scholar.

It seems that Williams died around 1770. Sadly the teacher he had trained to continue to run the school had some kind of mental break-down and there seem to be no further references to the school.

By aleksandrz, Apr 28 2016 04:44PM

Hello, people today here at the best blog you ever read I will talk about how you can install easy and free Logic Pro X without paying any more money on it, it’s very simple to update it, but a lot of people are having a hard time with this tool.

You need to check three things when you update Logic Pro:

1.The first thing you should do it’s to check if you are logged to Apple Store but be careful because you must use the same email that you used when you bought Logic Pro if you use a different email it will not work any matter how many times you try. If you don’t find the option to sing up click on the Mac App Store menu.

2.The 2nd thing you need to check if the install folder or the shortcut on a desktop it’s the same like it was when you installed Logic Pro because if the files (shortcut and folder) have another name you can’t update the software.

3. The 3rd thing you should try to create a new folder and name it “Logic Pro X 11.2.3" or what current version you have installed on your PC ( if you want to check what version you have, go to Logic Pro and check the option “about logic pro” there you will find all the details you need) . After that you should compress the Logic Pro application ( you can find it in the folder named “Applications”, after you did the compress you should copy the zip file and move it to desktop.

The latest version of Logic Pro it’s 10.2.2 if you have this version you need to know that this it’s the latest a lot of website post misleading information you only need to check the official website of Apple here.

However if you still having problems you need to contact Apple Support or maybe it’s an alternative, you can try to uninstall Logic Pro and after to reinstall it and check if you having the same error, but don’t forget to save all the music you made and all your settings because when you uninstall the tool you will not have any option to recover the deleted files !

That’s all I know about this software if you have any question, please leave a comment below or send me a message at the contact me page!

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