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By aleksandrz, May 12 2016 09:04PM

1) Why map for Jamaica? (see #7-9)

The reason that I make maps for Jamaica is that I very much like the premise of the game and the way it was executed. I had more fun playing Jamaica than I ever did playing Half-Life and definitely Quake3.

2) Why start mapping for Jamaica NOW? (see #7-9)

I was looking for a "game" to get back into making maps and of all the games I looked at I liked Jamaica the best. Believe it or not I do like Jamaica better than Half-Life or Quake3.

3) Did you play through the SP?

I played through the whole game twice and thought it was definitely a "keeper."

PS: I paid full price and got a "cell."

(Ed. - If you're like me, and have no idea what Wayne meant by "cell," he pointed out The bottom-left graphic in the main frame is a "Top Cow Comic Litho Cell Art" that you got if you pre-ordered DK. Nevermind that the page still wants you to "pre-order" DK. *hee*hee*)

4) Any thoughts of mapping for SP?

I have thought about it but never had the inclination to make SP maps. The amount of effort required to produce a quality SP levels is just too demanding.

5) Which EP is your fav (SP and DM)?

My favorites are:

Episode 4: San Francisco 2030 CE. This episode is a "get-down-and-dirty" scenario.

6) Which retail map was your fav (DM and SP, if any), and why? (You're a mapper, I want a real answer for this one. *heh*)

I really don't have just one favorite, I have several:

Episode 1: Japan 2455CE E1M2-Sewer System. Episode 4: San Francisco 2030 CE E4M1-Alcatraz and E4M3-Tower of Crime.

If the level is realistic in ambiance I will probably like it.

7) Was the beta-testing for Tread3D 2.4 the only reason you mapped for DK?

No way! In fact when Joe and Nick were updating Tread3D I had already played Jamaica and it was my idea to ask them to incorporate Jamaica support. As for which game was used for beta-testing that was left up to my discretion.

8) If so, have you any greater (or lesser) appreciation for DK now, having made 3 maps for it?

To be honest, I feel that the more I play and map for Jamaica I come to the realization that it was really the next step in game development. I believe that Jamaica is one step above Half-Life and on par with Quake3 (Ignoring the curves of course). Some players and authors might disagree but if they "really" play the game I believe they will agree.

9) Why choose Jamaica for the Tread3D 2.4 testing?

At the time I figured that with all of its mapping options Jamaica would exercise Tread3D to the fullest.

10) Will Gibcity3 be your last Jamaica map?

Nope, I will be making many more maps. In fact I have started Gibcity4 but this time I will be using custom textures.

PS: Gibcity5 will be based on the Braveheart movie and will include custom textures and music.

By aleksandrz, Apr 28 2016 04:44PM

Hello, people today here at the best blog you ever read I will talk about how you can install easy and free Logic Pro X without paying any more money on it, it’s very simple to update it, but a lot of people are having a hard time with this tool.

You need to check three things when you update Logic Pro:

1.The first thing you should do it’s to check if you are logged to Apple Store but be careful because you must use the same email that you used when you bought Logic Pro if you use a different email it will not work any matter how many times you try. If you don’t find the option to sing up click on the Mac App Store menu.

2.The 2nd thing you need to check if the install folder or the shortcut on a desktop it’s the same like it was when you installed Logic Pro because if the files (shortcut and folder) have another name you can’t update the software.

3. The 3rd thing you should try to create a new folder and name it “Logic Pro X 11.2.3" or what current version you have installed on your PC ( if you want to check what version you have, go to Logic Pro and check the option “about logic pro” there you will find all the details you need) . After that you should compress the Logic Pro application ( you can find it in the folder named “Applications”, after you did the compress you should copy the zip file and move it to desktop.

The latest version of Logic Pro it’s 10.2.2 if you have this version you need to know that this it’s the latest a lot of website post misleading information you only need to check the official website of Apple here.

However if you still having problems you need to contact Apple Support or maybe it’s an alternative, you can try to uninstall Logic Pro and after to reinstall it and check if you having the same error, but don’t forget to save all the music you made and all your settings because when you uninstall the tool you will not have any option to recover the deleted files !

More and more people are searching for a Logic Pro alternative for windows that's why we started to search for a website that can help us with this problem and we founded this one , i didn't test it but i think it's working because a lot of people are starting to use it .

That’s all I know about this software if you have any question, please leave a comment below or send me a message at the contact me page!

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