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By jamaicanhistorymonth2007, Sep 23 2014 04:30PM

Jamaica offers a variety of different beautiful beaches, ranging from secluded, intimate beaches to popular beaches with well-known seafood restaurants. However, they have on thing in common - wherever you go the distinctive Jamaican vibe will wait for you.

Beaches in Jamaica are known for exactly that - here you are meant to have fun. Music, water sports, beach sports, good food and good people. The mix is what makes these places so unique and the perfect travel place to have a good time.

Below are some of the Jamaican shores I believe that you may appreciate getting to know. I personally have visited them and instantly fell in love!

St. Elizabeth: Quite popular area for Jamaicans, located near the edge of

Gold Jamaican shore that is sanded.

Galleon Beach: mainly a fishing shore, where sea glass, stone and shell collectors may find things of interest. This beach is quite secluded and rather undeveloped. A bit rocky in places, but it is a long expanse of shore that is not bad for walking, gathering driftwood and shells. In the day there's waves by which you are able to surf.

Alligator Pond: Quite picturesque, although not much swimming, great sea food restaurants.

Gut River: Unspoilt and solitary, it is a truly charming place! Even though the sea is somewhat rough and rugged, it is possible to swim here.

Negril: One of the more famous beaches. A lot of music, places to stay, watersports, restaurants and pubs along the most energetic of Jamaican beaches. Plan to stay more than just a few days to get to know this place.

Frenchman's Cove: Powdery white sand, water that is incredibly blue, gets deep quite fast. A beach like in paradise.

St. Catherine Hellshire: Known for the seafood.

What are your favorite beaches in Jamaica?

By jamaicanhistorymonth2007, Sep 22 2014 08:00AM

Besides watersports and a lot of other great fun sport activities Jamaica also offers great nature that makes running very enjoyable.

If you are a regular runner you will appreciate the beauty of the Jamaican landscape.

However, make sure to take sunscreen with you and be prepared to sweat like you have never sweat when running before! It is very hot in Jamaica and on top of that, the humidity makes exercising more daunting too. Also if you intend to go running on nature trails make sure to wear supportive running shoes to avoid injuries. I suggest to take it slow in the start to get used to it, but it will definitely be worth it! So what are you waiting for?

Click here for some great running routes in Kingston!

However, if it turns out running in the heat is just too much for you, you can still opt in for some watersports and go for a surf, for example!

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